Fellowship Program

25-Jan-2021 — Fellowship Program

Some alumni and members of our partner organizations will be selected to become fellows at MNKI. They will closely work with MNKI staff to implement their own projects in the communities. The purpose of the fellowship program is to allow our alumni and our partners to explore their potential and to upgrade their skills through the project they initiated. For example, one fellow created the "Talk Freely program", to collect the voices of people with trauma, victims of gender-based violence, conflict, war, etc. and provide counseling to the people. The causes will be discussed with the experts to find better solutions for the victims. The discussion will be filmed and then shared on social media. Another fellow also created her own project, namely “Reveal the untold stories of the LGBT community”. She will collect the stories of the LGBT communities and write an article to share with the public. At least 2-3 alumni will be recruited to work under the fellowship program.