Network and Advocacy Program

25-Jan-2021 — Network and Advocacy program

Exposure Trip and peacebuilding exchange for Peacebuilding and Advocacy in the Mekong Region 

The purpose of the exposure and exchange trip for peacebuilding activity is to enhance the capacities of affected communities to engage in advocacy and political dialogue on the extractive industries and cross-border impacted development projects such as joint venture hydropower projects on the mainstream of the Than Lwin River. The exposure and exchange trip is also intended to raise awareness and to build a network of affected communities beyond the boundaries and interested CSOs, so as to promote sustainable peace and development with special reference to the mega development projects. As a result of the trip, the community leaders and CSOs will be able to exchange information about mining, hydropower and land issues in both Myanmar and Thailand. Additionally, they will be able to discuss relevant advocacy strategies and share successful stories among participants and will also be able to discuss the potential for collaboration among the project affected communities and CSOs.   

The exposure trip is very important because it not only provides advocacy and campaigning skills, but it also helps participants gain confidence in themselves as leaders and helps to build networks among themselves from different communities and countries. On top of that, participants will learn democratic ways of selecting community leaders, how Thai communities manage their own natural resources, and the way they conserve their environment and maintain community development. MNKI also hopes that the participants will share a common ground, and re-develop a sense of belonging and a sense of the need to protect the environment as well as find a way to negotiate with the stakeholders to balance their business and responsibilities.  

Joint activity with partner organizations 

MNKI is making efforts to create a resource bank by providing capacity to individuals through the Nam Khone Training Program. At the same time, MNKI also supports the front-line advocators who are seeking to confront uneven development projects. Under the Advocacy and Networking Program, the main activities would be networking with partner organizations, joint campaigns and advocacy on environmental issues and/or gender issues.

Sub-grants to partner organizations 

MNKI will also provide sub-grants to partner organizations to work on the ground. We plan to work with marginalized groups, especially the LGBT community and women organizations, in order to help them document human rights violations and the different forms of discrimination they face within their societies. By working with partner organizations, we hope to minimize conflict, structural violence and human rights abuses in our society.