Alumni Support

25-Jan-2021 — Alumni Program

Under the alumni program, each year 6-8 small grants will be provided for our graduated students who want to apply their skills in their communities. The grants can be given for individual activities such as providing training, documenting the conflict and human rights issues, or conducting research in the community. In order to guarantee a good output of these alumni projects, MNKI will provide technical support whenever needed. 


Alumni Reunion 

For the purpose of networking and collaboration among the alumni, we will host an alumni reunion event once a year. Each year, 40-60 alumni are expected to join the reunion.  

Alumni Support Fund 

We have realized that many alumni have the potential to expand their networks and to increase their personal development if we provide some small financial support for their travels, tuition fees, and communication to join events such as trainings, meetings, forums and conferences. Thus, from 2021 we have added more project funds to support the basic personal development growth under the Alumni Program.