Research and Video Documentation

25-Jan-2021 — Research Program

In 2016-2018, the organization produced a film called “Water and Gender”, “The Voices of Nam Khone”, and featured them at the Human Rights and Human Dignity Film Festival and at international conferences such as Greater Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy in Yangon and Knowing the Salween in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2018-2019, Nam Khone alumni conducted the research about “Gender and Water Governance” and also completed a community mapping in Ywar Ngan township. 


The alumni have a strong interest to continue working for their communities and their environment. Thus, this project idea was born from the previous works that were done by MNKI and the Nam Khone alumni network. Evidence-based information from the grassroots level is very critical to convince the relevant stakeholders. Therefore, we should have evidences at hand in order to promote our culture and local knowledge, to protect our social and political rights and to conserve the natural resources. We will use participatory research and video documentation as advocacy tools to amplify the voices of the community members to reach decision makers and wider audiences. From this participatory approached research and video documentation projects, we aim to use the research results for co-creating of knowledge sharing, and advocacy tools in negotiating with the decision makers.